November 28th 2018 >>>

Intbau Excellence Awards

El Jicarito School won the Community Engagement Award in the 2018 Intbau Excellence Awards.
Winners Announced for 2018 INTBAU Excellence Awards

October 16th 2018 >>>

Archinect interview

archinect is featuring knitknot architecture in its series ‘small studio snapshots’, with the interview ‘The Architecture collective knitknot shows us the possibilities of Practice in a Hypermobile World’

October 2nd 2018 >>>

El Jicarito School in designboom

designboom featured El Jicarito School as the project faces its second academic year with a strong community engagement, looking forward to witnessing its next steps!
‘knitknot completes colorful low-cost school for a tiny nicaraguan village’ 

September 1st 2018 >>>

GSAPP Incubator members!
231 Bowery, 2nd fl, New York.

knitknot architecture will be joining Columbia GSAPP Incubator at the newinc for this upcoming year, to develop ongoing and new projects.

September 1st 2018 >>>

Datatopia Summer School

Diana Cristobal Olave participated in Datatopia giving the Talk "Network Diagrams in Architecture", part of the Projekt Bauhaus Werkstatt in the floating university by raumlabor

August 3rd 2018 >>>

Hybrid Infrastructures exhibition. 
GSAPP, Columbia University

This exhibition shows instances of hybrid, cross-programmed building types with unlikely juxtapositions between humans and non-humans. Studio taught by Diana Cristobal Olave, and work by the Intro to Architecture summer students.

July 18th 2018 >>>

Intro to Architecture Studio Mid-term review.
GSAPP, Columbia University.

This studio—taught by Diana Cristobal Olave—requires the students to design a community garden for a non-human inhabitant, based on a series of initial material experiments. Material-based discourses serve as a base to question socio-political agendas—from architecture's engagement with different forms of labor, to environmental concerns.

July 7th 2018 >>>

SuperBlock Studio Final review.
Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

This summer, knitknot’s member Gonzalo J. Lopez Garrido has taught an advanced design studio at Pratt. The SuperBlock Studio contests the cultural hegemony of the car, and speculates with Barcelona’s Poblenou Superilla urban experiment—extrapolating its principles to Hell’s Kitchen and Lower East Side in New York.

June 14th 2018 >>>

SuperBlock Community Board interviews
Community boards 03 & 04, Manhattan.

Students interviewing Manhattan community board manager Susan Stetzer (Lower East Side) and community board manager Jesse Bodine (Hell’s Kitchen) for their projects’ research. Great sessions learning from the communities’ knowledge on their public space needs!

May 4th 2018 >>>

Urban Genealogies Final Review
Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

ARCH 461-Urban Genealogies Final Review. The class proposes the understanding of the city through drawing, using the scale of the site, the cluster, and the city. knitknot’s Gonzalo J. Lopez Garrido co-teaches the class with Tulay Atak and Federica Vannucchi.

May 3rd 2018 >>>

Research fellowship
Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

knitknot’s member Alicia Hernanz has been awarded with a fellowship from the architecture section of the Akademie der Künste.

May 10th 2018 >>>

Ice Cream Social(ism). Closing event
Princeton University School of Architecture.

Closing event of Liquid La Habana. Exhibit designed by knitknot architecture, and curated by Beatriz Colomina, Ivan Lopez Munuera and Bart-Jan Polman. Graphic design by Frufru.
See the 360 Tour by Imagensubliminal 

April 25th 2018 >>>

Arch 102 Studio Final Review
Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

Spring 2018 Arch 102 Final review, First Year Undergraduate Architecture Studio taught by Gonzalo J. Lopez Garrido. Thanks to the jury panel: Federica Vannucchi, Laura Diamond-Dixit, Alexandra Barletta, Maria Vrdoljak, Kyle Waugh and knitknot's Diana Cristobal.

April 23rd 2018 >>>

Arch 302 Studio Final Review
USC School of Architecture.

Third Year Undergraduate Final reviews at University of Southern California, coordinated by Maria Esnaola.

April 23rd 2018 >>>

concentrico 04 Exhibition
Colegio de Arquitectos de la Rioja, Logroño.

PeleMele, our Finalist Proposal for Concentrico04, on display at the Colegio de Arquitectos de La Rioja, in Logroño.

April 8th 2018 >>>

Liquid La Habana. Exhibition opening
Princeton University School of Architecture.

Opening event of Liquid La Habana. Exhibit designed by knitknot architecture, and curated by Beatriz Colomina, Ivan Lopez Munuera and Bart-Jan Polman. Graphic design by Frufru.

April 4th 2018 >>>

Decolonizing the map presentation
Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

Gonzalo J. Lopez Garrido presenting his paper ‘Mapping Social Injustice’ at ‘Decolonizing the map’ symposium at Pratt Institute, in a sesion shared with Lori Gibbs and Eyal Weizman.

March 23th 2018 >>>

Arch 301 review
USC School of Architecture.

Third year Undergraduate models working on translating vernacular industrial structural models, at the USC School of Architecture. Coordinated by Maria Esnaola.

May 18th 2017 >>>

CO. Exhibition
Sala Zuazo, Madrid.

We attended the opening of CO.Exhibition, where El Jicarito School is presented together with the work of other fourteen International Collectives. Until June 4th in Sala Zuazo, Arqueria Nuevos Ministerios in Madrid!

May 2nd 2017 >>>

CO. Exhibition
Sala Zuazo, Madrid.

knitknot is taking part in the exhibition organized by COCA (First International Conference in Architectural Communication) on International Collectives. Opening on May 18th at 17:00h in Sala Zuazo at Arqueria Nuevos Ministerios! Looking forward to it!

May 1st 2017 >>>

Arch 102 Studio Final Review
Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

Spring 2017 Final Review at Pratt School of Architecture for knitknot's Gonzalo J. Lopez Garrido First Year Undergrad Studio. Thanks to the jury panel: Sandra Javera, Laura Diamond-Dixit, Luke Willis, Rebecca Evanhoe, Ashley Simone, Gemma Gene, Kyle Waugh and knitknot's Alfonso Simelio and Diana Cristobal.

April 6th 2017 >>>

American Geographers Annual Meeting
Boston, USA.

knitknot's Gonzalo Lopez joined the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting in Boston to present the paper "Mapping Social Injustice through PPGIS. Radical Geography and the case of the DGEI" in the session "William Bunge (1928-2013) and Geography: III".

February 28th 2017 >>>

City of Dreams Pavilion Competition
Governors Island, New York.

MARL, knitknot architecture's proposal for the Figment NYC City of Dreams Pavilion 2017 Competition, has been awarded RUNNER UP!!

December 28th 2016 >>>

knitknot on the radio!
Onda Cero La Rioja, Logroño.

Gonzalo Lopez was interviewed by Marisa Salcedo from Onda Cero La Rioja on the experience of being an architect in New York.

December 6th 2016 >>>

Arch 101 Studio Final Review
Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

Fall 2016 Final Review at Pratt School of Architecture for knitknot's Gonzalo Lopez Garrido First Year Undergrad Studio. Thanks to the jury panel: Sandra Javera, María Lozano, Ian Watchorn, Fareez Giga, Laura Diamond-Dixit, Philip Lee, Kyle Waugh and knitknot's Alfonso Simelio Jurado for their insights and engagment with the student's work!

November 5th 2016 >>>

TEDx Presentation
NOESIS. Thessaloniki, Greece.

knitknot's Tania Oramas Dorta takes the stage at TEDxUniversityofMacedonia event "Gravity of Toughts" with her TedX talk "Learning in & Learning from: ideas on the move" about the process that brought El Jicarito School to life.

October 14th 2016 >>>

Europan Inter-Session forum
Palacio de Congresos Badajoz, Spain.

knitknot's member Diana Cristobal Olave presented our winning entry "Osurbia_Redefining suburbia" in the Europan 13/14 Inter-Session forum in Badajoz, Spain.

September 29th 2016 >>>

TEDx Presentation
NOESIS. Thessaloniki, Greece.

knitknot architecture has been invited to give a TedX talk at the event "Gravity of Thoughts" organized by TEDxUniversityofMacedonia!! Our member Tania Oramas Dorta will present "Learning In & Learning From: Ideas on the move" next November 5th!!

September 3rd 2016 >>>

knitknot in Nicaragua!
El Jicarito, Nicaragua.

Some of knitknot's members travelled to Nicaragua to work in El Jicarito School.
We got a chance to know see the amazing work Seeds of Learning does in the region, met with the community, talked about their ideas for the school, worked with the kids in imagining what their school could be, discussed the construction phases with the crew, and got our hands dirty on site!
Incredible experience to be able to share time and experiences with all the different groups involved in the project, looking forward to continuing the work!

August 15th 2016 >>>

Pratt Institute School of Architecture

knitknot's Gonzalo Lopez Garrido has been appointed Visiting Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute - School of Architecture, to teach ARCH 101//ARCH 102//Design Studio in First Year Undergraduate Program during the academic year 2016/2017.

August 5th 2016 >>>

Counter-Environments exhibition
GSAPP, Columbia University.

Intro to Architecture Exhibition at Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, showing the work of knitknot's Diana Cristobal Olave students during Summer 2016 Studio "Counter-Environments".

July 5th 2016 >>>

Aquarius Redux Symposium
University of Sydney.

knitknot's Gonzalo Lopez Garrido presented his research paper “Mapping Social Injustice through Public Participation Geographic Information Systems. Radical Geography and the case of the Detroit Expedition and Institute (1968-1972)” in the Symposium “Aquarius Redux”, organized by the University of Sydney.
During his time in Sydney, he had the chance to meet and walk the city with legendary American Geographer Ron Horvath.

June 21th 2016 >>>

El Jicarito School 

Breaking ground on El Jicarito School!
We have started the foundations!! You can follow all the project updates here in our website and through the blog Seeds of Learning has set up in theirs! Directly from the field!

May 29th 2016 >>>


We're immensely happy to announce that we reached the total funding for the campaign!! AN ENORMOUS THANK-YOU to everyone who donated, spread the word and has become part of this exciting project. We couldn't have done it without each and everyone of you!!
We can’t wait to share with you the next steps and have you by our side while this school becomes a reality for the kids in El Jicarito. Stay tuned for the updates!!

April 25th 2016 >>>

Arch 101 Studio Final Review
NJIT College of Architecture and Design.

Final Review for "The Intermediate City", knitknot's Gonzalo Lopez studio at NJIT - College of Architecture & Design during Spring Semester 2016. Jury members: Sandra Javera, Brandt Knapp, María Lozano and knitknot's Alfonso Simelio Jurado and Diana Cristóbal.

March 29th 2016 >>>


We are very excited to share with you this innovative school design that uses local earth-based materials and collaborative construction methods.
Donate through the link and help us by sharing with your contacts, let’s make it happen!!

January 26th 2016 >>>

Exhibition opening
USC Architecture.

Come join our member, María Esnaola Cano, for the opening of ATLAS of Constraints: reDUCE, reUSE, reCYCLE, an exhibit of our work at USC Architecture on display on the Watt Hall 2nd floor through Feb. 5.

December 6th 2015 >>>

Europan 13 award ceremony
Oslo, Norway.

knitknot visited Oslo for the Europan 13 award ceremony and the presentation and discussion with the city representatives of our winning entry for the city of Os: Osurbia . Redefining Suburbia.

December 4th 2015 >>>

Great news!! knitknot architecture FIRST PRIZE in Europan 13 Norway in the municipality of OS!! Heading to the workshop with the city and very excited about the next steps!!

December 1st 2015 >>>

knitknot architecture is very happy to announce a collaboration with Seeds of Learning, an International NGO with offices in Nicaragua, on the construction of a school in el Jicarito community.
The project seeks to enhance a process of learning in and learning from the building, through the use of new construction systems and the re-defining of the classroom space beyond four walls and a roof. Check the project details in the website!